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Who Can Join the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

Any Citizens of the United States and its territories and possessions who are 17 years of age or older and have not been convicted of a felony.

Must I Own a Boat to Belong to the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

Facility (radio station, boat or aircraft) ownership is desirable, but not mandatory.

Do I Have to Get Involved in Operations to Belong to the CG Auxiliary?

No, there are many other areas of service available such as Vessel Safety Checks (VSC), Public Education, Administrative Support, Aids to Navigation/Chart Updating, Public Affairs, Events such as National Safe Boating Week, Boat Show Participation, Marine Dealer Visitations, and Programs such as Sea Explorer, Boy and Girl Scouts, and Naval Sea Cadet Training. 

How Much Time Must I be Willing to Invest if I Join?

No fixed time requirements exist, so you can invest as little or as much time and effort as fits your personal situation.  However, like anything in life, you only get out of something what you are willing to invest in it. 

 What Type of Skills Must I Possess to Belong to the CG Auxiliary?

The only thing the Auxiliary and Coast Guard require is that you have an interest and desire in learning and getting involved. The US Coast Guard and the Auxiliary are committed to life-long learning and are willing to invest the time and effort in training our members and developing their skills, abilities and expertise as required.