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U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Enrollment Process

I Want You posterThe membership process for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary consists of the following steps:

First, contact Flotilla 10-06 Human Resources Officer (FSO-HR) Click on About Flotilla 10-06 in left menu for contact information.

Second, complete the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary New Member Enrollment Application. See below.

Third, carefully study The New Member Reference Guide.

Finally, take the New Member Examination (multiple choice) in front of a designated proctor from your prospective flotilla.

The Enrollment Application includes a simple security questionnaire for the normal, or "Operational Security" (OS) clearance level, which all Auxiliarists have completed. Applicants may complete the entire application in advance.

After studying the New Member Reference Guide, applicants should arrange to take the multiple-choice New Member Examination in the presence of a Flotilla officer, as arranged through the Flotilla Commander. Applicants may print a clean copy of the exam and answer sheet and bring them to the examination, but no markings may be made on either document in advance. (As an additional study aid, the 21-page New Member Exam Study Guide, may also be downloaded below.)

The Flotilla Commander will then submit the Application, a proper photo of the applicant taken by the flotilla and proof of citizenship to the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) for processing. All applicants will quickly receive a confirming letter from the DIRAUX, and when appropriate, a membership number and additional information.

All of the resources necessary for this process may be found below. If you have any questions, contact the Flotilla Commander or Flotilla Staff Officer - Human Resources (FSO-HR).

Resource: National Flotilla Finder (via Zip Code)
Resource: New Member Enrollment Application
Resource: New Member Reference Guide
Resource: New Member Examination Booklet
Resource: New Member Exam Blank Answer Sheet [CG-4886]
Resource: New Member Handbook
Resource: New Member Study Guide