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History of our Patch

The design of the patch includes several items that are symbolic of Air Station Caldwell.  It tells our story and the job we do.

It was created by members Larry West and Frederick Simmons in 2005.

To start, there is a gold outer border.  It symbolizes the "Gold Side" of the U.S. Coast Guard, of which the Auxiliary is its volunteer component.

Inside the rope is a white field — the same color the USCG uses for their cutters, and aircraft. On that field there is a “reversed” Coast Guard racing stripe, commonly used to symbolize the Auxiliary and the Active Duty side.

The dark blue background behind the lettering represents the seas over which the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary patrol.

The stars represent the four cornerstones of the Auxiliary - Operations, Recreational Boating Safety, Public Education, and Fellowship. They are similarly placed as the four stars seen on the Air Station Cape Cod's patch, which is our order issuing authority.

The silver rope represents the Auxiliary, the rope theme indicating that it binds us together.

The Bald Eagle is the symbol of our beloved nation and represents the job we do. Watching, observing, and surveying our maritime domain.

Finally, “Eyes For The First” is the motto that describes our air support missions for the USCG First District Southern Region.