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Flotilla 75 History

History of Flotilla 75 Mamaroneck


Originally chartered in 1940 as Flotilla 603, our Flotilla is one of the oldest in the country. It is one of the oldest in Westchester and Bronx counties of New York and Connecticut. Flotilla 63 played an important part in spreading the word about Boating Safety in and around the Village of Mamaroneck, Westchester County and Long Island Sound. Although Flotilla 75 has experienced many name changes in its past, the integrity of this Flotilla has remained the same. Most Recently, 2010 we were renamed from Flotilla 06-01 to Flotilla 07-05.


While the actual charter date is unknown, it was sometime in 1940. The first patrol (a "Garbage Patrol") was initiated in May 1941 when six cruisers combed Long Island Sound from Execution Rocks to Great Captains Island, Greenwich, for debris. The "Garbage Patrol" became a regular event during the summer. The members chalked up 11 rescues that first year.


In 1943 the flotilla acquired a 45-foot pilot boat that saw considerable patrol service during the winter. This vessel at one time belonged to the "old battlewagon" USS Virginia. From after the war until 1995, the flotilla did not own a boat but that year Bill Gershen who has since retired, donated his 20 foot Shamrock which is the 203008. In 2002, the Shamrock was sold and the flotilla acquired a 24-foot Stamas.


Prior to about to 1975 the flotilla did not have a regular meeting place. In 1969 the flotilla acquired part of the present building at the West Basin from the Village of Mamaroneck through the efforts of John Prohaska and Bert Daniels. In 1970 the flotilla took over the rest of the building. Two additions were built. Permission was then obtained from the village to put in a dock for our patrol boats.

Today, the building on Harbor Island is heated and serves as a place for the monthly meetings as well as Public Education Courses for adults and youths. It is also the base for Coast Guard Auxiliary Mamaroneck Radio.


Since the early 1970's the flotilla has been recognized with various awards: CG Group Commanders Awards for operational assistance to the Coast Guard; District Director of Auxiliary Honor Roll Plaques for overall accomplishment in the various programs of Courtesy Marine Examination, Public Education, Operations, etc. Most Assistance Cases in the District (aiding the boating public); and plaques for Administrative Support to the District Office. Also among its firsts, Flotilla 63 had the first District Call Sign awarded to a radio station aboard a member's facility.


At present we have about 40 members of all ages, men and women of various ethnic backgrounds and occupations, both boat owners and non-owners. Recently we took in several pilots who own their own airplanes, adding another dimension to the flotilla.