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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How much does the class cost?

A.    The cost is $65.  We would prefer to offer the class for free, but teaching the boating safety class is our only authorized way to offset the cost of operating our flotilla.  We are prohibited by the Coast Guard from conducting any other fund raising activity.

Q.    How long is the class?

A.    As required by law, the class is eight hours long.  We begin at 8 AM, cover the first three chapters.  If we're on schedule, we take a short break for lunch.  We ask that everyone bring something to eat for lunch with them for those times when we're running behind and we have to teach right through the lunch break.   In the afternoon we finish the last three chapters and are done around 3:30 - 4:00 PM.  We take short break and then begin the 50-question multiple-choice test.  There is one hour allowed to complete the exam, so class usually ends no later than 5:00 PM.

Q.  What does the course cover?

A.  There are six chapters: 

  1. Know your boat
  2. Before you get underway
  3. Operating your boat...Safely
  4. Legal requirements of boating
  5. Boating emergencies...What to do
  6. Enjoying water sports with your boat

 It is strictly classroom instruction.  There is no requirement to operate a boat or demonstrate any boating skills.

Q.  My schedule doesn't allow me to attend any of your scheduled classes.  Are these the only dates offered?

A.  That depends.  If you can round up at least four people that will take the class, we can work with you.  We will make every effort to plan a class to fit your schedule.

Q.  How do I get my completion of the boating safety course reflected on my New York State Drivers License?

A.  Find the requirements for getting the "Anchor" icon on your drivers license on the link below.  Be sure you bring your full-size boating safety certificate and not the wallet-size version with you do the DMV.

Q.  What's the difference between the NY and the CT safe boating certificate.

A.  Connecticut requires that we teach additional material for you get their safe boating certificate.  Connecticut also requires all power boat operators to have a certificate, unlike New York which is gradually phasing in the requirement for all boaters to obtain a boating safety certificate.  In 2022, boaters 34 years old and younger need the certificate.  In 2023, the age jumps to 39 and younger.  By 2025 all New York boaters will require the certificate.  To get the Connecticut certificate, you first go online before the class and get a "conservation ID number."  After passing a 20 question multiple-choice test on the supplemental material, we will log on the the Connecticut environmental web site and indicate that you have "passed."  There is no additional cost until you print out your certificate.  For a detailed explanation of the Connecticut requirements, visit this site:

Connecticut State Specific Education Requirements