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Commanders Philisophy from FC Raheem Soto

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Raheem Soto

Flotilla Commander 

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 Commitment - service - volunteerism

Command Philosophy

On February 19, 1941, The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary had been formed. Since that day Coast Guard Auxiliarists have served and provided support to Thousands of missions with the same Core Values as The United States Coast Guard. Flotilla 05-04 City Island Auxiliarist pride ourselves on the level of willingness to provide all essential safety and preparedness to all members of our recreational boating community, we also take on operations tasks when needed. To be able to stand alongside the US Coast Guard to ensure that all Missions are successful is an Honor that will last a lifetime.
Volunteering at this level is a commitment that is second to none.

It is with this in mind that I instill the following within our members:


Auxiliarist are committed to serve our communities with the highest level of professionalism and respect. We have taken an oath to always provide up to date boating safety courses, to be readily available at every marina to guide the boating community with accurate information and inspections to ensure that the safety of all are met. We pride ourselves by always being ready to assist the US Coast Guard with all Operation support when called upon. our level of commitment can not be measured as we are always willing to go above and beyond.  


Many of us have our own definition of what "to serve" means, I believe every last one of us have a passion to serve as we do. It takes a great deal of dedication and diligence to serve at the compacity to which the US Coast Guard and our boating communities expect. To be a reflection of the core values that drive the Coast Guard is our prime objective, we stand with the USCG in unison to all that makes this branch of service second to none.


It can not be explained why and how a simple act of volunteering can make a huge difference in any organization. It takes a special kind of person who has a vision greater than their own selfish needs to spend countless hours as a volunteer. Coast Guard Auxiliarist are the true definition of what it means to volunteer for the greater good. we will always be there, we will always be willing, we will always be ready, SEMPER PARATUS

HONOR                               RESPECT                              DEVOTION TO DUTY


We are operations