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Top 5 Excuses Not to Wear a Life Jacket

You can still have fun on the water while wearing a life jacket and boating responsibly. Here are the top 5 excuses not to wear a life jacket we hear from boaters:

1.  “I have life jackets on board.”
 Having life jackets on board the vessel is not enough. Accidents happen too fast to put on a   stowed life jacket.
2.  “I’m a strong swimmer.”
 Even a strong swimmer needs to wear a life jacket. During an emergency, clothing can become   heavy or waterlogged while in the water.
3.  “It’s too hot and doesn’t look cool.”
 Old-fashioned, bulky orange life jackets have been replaced with new styles, like inflatable life   jackets that may resemble a pair of suspenders or a belt pack. These are much cooler in the   warmer weather.
4.  “It gets in the way.”
 There are life jacket styles available for any recreational water activity – fishing, water sports,   hunting, paddling and more. There are New "Wear It!" Infographic Take a look at our new   infographic and share on your social networks to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a   life jacket and boating responsibly.
5.  “Nothing is going to happen to me.”
 Face it, accidents happen. Boating can be a fun, safe and enjoyable activity, but when the “Wear   It!” message is ignored, the consequences can be grim.