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Boating Skills and Seamanship course Info

Topics Include

  • The Language of Boating and being on the Water
  • Boats, their designs, equipment & legal requirements
  • Legal Considerations
  • Where you boat and things to consider
  • Boat Handling; In the Water, On a Trailer, and PWC's
  • Navigation, Rules of the Road and the Law
  • Knots and other things you really should know
  • Electronics for your Boat (Navigation, Communication & Operation)
  • Weather
  • Safety & Security
  • Visitors, Liveaboard and other essential items to know

Course Overview: Comprehensive Course

  • Duration: 30 - 40 hours (Class and Practice)
  • Level: 1 to 3 
  • Homework: YES
  • Math: A bit
  • Practical Skills: Yes, but you will have lots of guidance 
  • Materials we will supply: Textbook, Study Materials, Training Charts
  • Materials you will supply: Charts, Charting Tools (we can help you if needed)