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[V] Vessel Safety Check

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free, voluntary vessel safety checks to all recreational boaters. (Also, commercial fishing safety examinations.)

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What is a Vessel Safety Check?

A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and is a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. He or she will discuss safety issues and make recommendations that will help you become a safer boater. Vessels that pass will be able to display our distinctive VSC decal. This does not exempt you from law enforcement boarding, but it does show you have made a serious commitment to boating safety.

What if I Fail?

A Vessel Safety Check is not a boarding or law enforcement issue. No citation will be given as a result of a Vessel Safety Check. We will supply you with a copy of our evaluation so that you may follow the suggestions given. Individual evaluations are not reported back to the Coast Guard or any other authority. Only aggregate statistics are collected.

What is required?*

Display of Numbers Registration / Documentation Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) Visual Distress Signals (VDS) Fire Extinguishers Ventilation Backfire Flame Control Sound Producing Devices / Bell Navigation Lights Pollution Placard MARPOL Trash Placard Marine Sanitation Devices Navigation Rules State and/ or Local Requirements Overall Vessel condition Safe Galley and Heating Systems

* Not all these requirements apply to every boat. For more detail, go to the Virtual VSC page at

How Can I Get A Vessel Safety Check?

There are four ways to request a Vessel Safety Check:
  1. Vessel Examiners can be found at many marinas and ramps during the boating season.
  2. Plan on bringing your boat to one of the scheduled vessel safety check events
  3. Contact the Flotilla 28 Vessel Safety Check Officer to request a Vessel Safety Check at your convenience.
  4. Use the I Want A VSC link at
  5. If your marina, club or store would like to schedule VSCs at your event or facility, contact the Flotilla 28 Vessel Safety Check Officer.