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Flotilla 2-8 Uniform Information

Auxiliary uniforms are similar to those worn by Coast Guard officers. Silver braid and silver buttons replace the gold braid and gold buttons worn by Coast Guard officers. Auxiliarists may also wear other authorized emblems, insignia and ribbons. Refer to Chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual  or the Uniform Procurement Guide for additional information on uniforms and their proper wear. 

Auxiliary Uniform Examples
All Auxiliarists are authorized and encouraged to wear the various Auxiliary uniforms or the Blazer outfit. Auxiliarists must adhere to uniform policies when engaged in Coast Guard and Auxiliary programs and activities.  In keeping with the true spirit of an organization of volunteers, the possession and wear of the Auxiliary uniform by Auxiliarists must be a matter of personal pride. When in uniform, an Auxiliarist is a representative of DHS, the Coast Guard, the Auxiliary, and the U.S. Government. Appearance, uniform fit, and grooming shall reflect the pride of that representation.

Although Auxiliarists are not required to closely adhere to Coast Guard appearance standards (e.g., weight standards, grooming standards) on a daily basis, circumstances may arise in which close adherence to standards is expected.  Particular attention shall be paid by Auxiliary leaders to ensure that Auxiliary representatives in such circumstances adhere as closely as practicable to Coast Guard grooming, weight, and overall appearance standards.

Below are summaries of past Flotilla 2-8 "Uniform Minutes" conducted at each monthly flotilla meeting to answer a previously asked uniform question and to help clarify ambiguous uniform standards to make sure that members of Flotilla 2-8 are wearing the uniform properly.  


February 7, 2013 Flotilla Meeting:

ODU collar devices are aligned differently than those on winter uniforms as defined in the Auxiliary Manual COMDTINST M16790.1G and detailed below: 

Collar Devices 


March 14, 2013 Flotilla Meeting:

Tucked ODU's may be worn by Auxiliarists as long as they are in "serviceable" condition.   Faded uniforms, name tapes, devices are not uniforms in serviceable condition and should be retired refer to Pg 10-78 in the Auxiliary Manual COMDTINST M16790.1G (below).