Welcome to the IT User Support & Services Web Site

Welcome to the IT User Support & Services Directorate

Director (DIR-U): Susan Davies
Deputy Director (DIR-Ud): Bob Fritz

Our Mission
The mission of the IT User Support and Services (U) Directorate is to deliver support for technology needs in the Auxiliary.

Our Divisions
The IT User Support and Services (U) Directorate is composed of four Divisions:

Communication Services Support
Randy Patton - DVC-UC

The CS Division is responsible for interfacing with CS officers to help them understand and implement the national requirements for unit websites and the WOW web platform. This Division is also responsible reviewing unit web sites for national approval, and periodic review of existing web sites for continued compliance as well as supporting CS officers with any other Auxiliary systems.

Information Systems Support
Linda McCarty - DVC-UI
The IS Division is responsible for IS officer use of AuxData, the Auxiliary's membership and administrative database, and AuxInfo, which presents subsets of AuxData information for member and management use. This Division is also responsible for support of IS officers at all levels so that they can effectively use the systems that are in place.

Member Support
Harry Dyer - DVC-UM

The UM Division is primarily responsible for the National Help Desk and Knowledge Base. The National Help Desk is the tool used for end user support at multiple levels across the Auxiliary as well as for fielding questions from the general public. The Help Desk Staff and contributors find the answers and channel users to the proper division, directorate, or other resource to handle their request. They are also tasked with creating and maintaining the Auxiliary Knowledge Base.

User Integration
Daren Lewis - DVC-UG

The User Guides Division provides a wide range of service to Auxiliary members across all levels. The User Guides Division is responsible for developing and promulgating user guides, video guides, blogs and/or other instructional methods in support of the Auxiliary end user client, and the standard and increasingly electronic Form solutions used by members and management on a daily basis. In short, it's our job to make the Auxiliary's technology understandable.