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Andrew Welch, DIR-S
Andrew Welch

Tom Jacobsmeyer
Deputy Director

The Strategic Planning Directorate applies strategic research, analysis and planning, university programs, innovation, and strategic program management to support the Coast Guard Auxiliary in overcoming maritime safety, security, economic, environmental, organizational, technological, social, demographic, and political challenges. Working with leadership across the organization, we seek to understand the potential impact of these challenges, develop targeted strategies to address them, and serve as the point of connection with the Coast Guard and other partners engaged in similar strategically oriented activities.

Research (SR)
Critically understand the challenges facing our service.

Planning (SP)
Educate others by providing timely analysis of and recommendations for overcoming these challenges.

University Programs (SU)
Strengthen the Auxiliary University Program (AUP) so that it is a world-class educator of
leaders in service, ready to tackle these challenges.

Innovation (SI)
Identify, incubate, and operationalize innovative approaches and emerging research and development that allow the organization to overcome these challenges. 

Program Management (SM)
Facilitate and oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives that position the organization to overcome these challenges.