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Public Affairs Directorate Mission Statement 

The Public Affairs Directorate engages and communicates with the public and stakeholder groups. It encompasses creative services, public affairs, publications, training and Web services. The Directorate serves the auxiliary and active duty Coast Guard by developing and distributing stories, photos and video to members, the public, and promotes a positive image of the United States Coast Guard. It reaches the right audience, with the right message, using the right communication tools, at the right time. It builds awareness, understanding, credibility, trust, and mutually beneficial relationships with external publics with whom the Auxiliary’s success depends. 

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Photo of the Week


Vessel Examinations on the Beach

PACIFIC CITY, OR - Auxiliarist Wil Lampa conducts a Vessel Examination on the beach and explains the use of visual distress signals to a boat owner. The flat-bottomed dories, originally built from spruce planks in a design that is unique to Oregon, are legendary for commercial fishing and their trademark beach launching and landings. Pacific City is a popular area for launching dory boats off the beach through the surf. Coast Guard Auxiliary photo by Kim Johns. 

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Winners of the Public Affairs Directorate Photography Contest 

Fellowship - Douglas Manifold

Marine Safety - Roger Bazeley 

Member Services - Judi Bidwick

Operations - Jane Ulewicz 

Public Affairs - Michael Goldberg

Public Education - Roger Bazeley

Team Coast Guard - Constance Irvin

Vessel Examination - Susan Lander 

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COMO Harry Jacobs

COMO Harry Jacobs, DIR-A

Commodore Harry M. Jacobs, Director of Public Affairs

Commodore Jacobs is Director of Public Affairs of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and a former District Commodore of the 11th Coast Guard District, Southern Region. Jacobs has been a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary for 35 years.  He is a former Director of Human Resources, a former Division Chief for Recruiting and Retention, and a former Aide to two National Commodores and a current member of the California Boating Safety Officers Association.  

He did his Postgraduate work in Educational Administration at the University of Southern California after earning master's and bachelor's degrees from California State University, Los Angeles.  Commodore Jacobs has been the guest Speaker at over 350 service clubs in California and has been a presenter-panelist at the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events [CREATE] at the University of Southern California.

 Rich Mihalcik

Rich Mihalcik, DIR-Ad

Rich Mihalcik, Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Rich Mihalcik is currently serving as the Deputy Director of the Public Affairs Directorate. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Division Chief for Community Relations within the same directorate. He currently is a member of the Oxford, Connecticut flotilla, where he is extensively involved with public affairs and public education. 

Before joining the Auxiliary, he had over 20 years of law enforcement experience, having performed numerous types of duties within this field; from interacting with the public by walking a foot beat as a patrolman, protecting world dignitaries, engaging in public affairs and is trained in emergency management. 

Deputy Director Mihalcik resides in Burlington, Connecticut with his wife Michelle and their two children. Both he and his family enjoy traveling and outdoor activities. 



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