Self-Certification Options

Self-Certification: There are several reasons to use self-certification to indicate completion of AUXMT training:

  • You completed the course on AUXLMS but did not get credit for the course. This is usually because the wrong browser was used but, since the course was completed, use self-certification to get credit rather than retaking the course on AUXLMS
  • You completed either the Voice over PPT video course or the PDF- annotated PPT course and are registering that fact via self-certification for AUXDATA credit
  • You previously completed the Coast Guard version of the AUXMT course and want AUXDATA credit for it.

There are two ways to self-certify:

Self-Attestation Form: You can DOWNLOAD the form by CLICKING HERE and then print the form to get a hard copy.

  • At the bottom of the form initial all the courses you have completed but not previously registered. Fill out the rest of the form.
  • Give or mail the form to your IS officer for AUXDATA or
  • Scan the completed document and Save the resulting file. Then send the file, via email attachment, to your IS officer for AUXDATA entry.

NTC (National Testing Center) Automatic AUXDATA entry: Go to the NTC website by clicking . Then, do the following:

  • Click on “Take a Test”.
  • Log into the website using your member ID number and Password (same as for AUXDIRECTORY). This takes you to a list of ALL NTC tests.
  • Scan the list for the course you want credit for e.g. the first AUXMT course listed is “CRA” the civil rights awareness (502319) course.
  • Left click on the “Test ID” for the course of interest. This takes you to a “general instructions” page. Ignore that page and
  • Click on “START TEST”
  • The screen asks if you completed this course (CRA in this case)
  • Click “Yes” and then click finished. This completes your AUXDATA registration for that course. There is no need to send anything to your IS officer. Repeat as needed for each course you have completed.