AUXMT Process and Completion Options

Courses: There are 10 mandated courses with 8 courses discussed here** as given in the table below with their course codes and numbers:

Course Code

Course Name



Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide

Every 5 years


Security Fundamentals

Every 5 years


Privacy at DHS / Protecting Personal Information

Every 5 years


Sexual Harassment Prevention

Every 5 years


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Every 5 years


Civil Rights Awareness

Every 5 years


Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts

1 time only


Influenza Training

1 time only

Note: IS 100.b and IS 700.a are also AUXMT taken 1 time only on the FEMA website here:


Methods of Completion: Because of the wide ranging capabilities of Auxiliarists, a variety of methods for taking the mandated training and establishing AUXDATA credit have been established as listed here:

  • Online using AUXLMS (automatic AUXDATA entry)
  • Offline using Voice over PPT videos (Self Certification for AUXDATA entry)
  • Offline using PDF with annotated PPTs (Self Certification for AUXDATA entry)
  • Classroom Training (7039 form used for AUXDATA entry)

Online using AUXLMS: This is the fastest and most efficient way to complete the AUXMT courses. Some Auxiliarists have completed all 8 courses in a single day while others have taken one course at a time when convenient to their schedule. Once completed, AUXDATA registration is automatic and no other members need be involved. Here is the link to AUXLMS: . A special username and password is required. A detailed description of AUXLMS can be found here:
NOTE: It is mandatory that you read the AUXLMS notes before attempting AUXLMS courses because each course has unique requirements for the types of browsers used. If this is ignored, you may not be able to complete the courses for AUXDATA credit.

Off- Line Individual Training: There are two ways a member may complete training individually without having to take the training on-line:  

  • Video (Voice over Power Point): The member can view the voice-over PowerPoint training videos (see above table) by either opening the video on their computer for viewing or download each video for off-line viewing. After viewing the video(s), the member must self-certify completion of each course (see below).
  • PDF – Power Point with Annotation: The member can obtain and study a hard copy of the PDF version of annotated PowerPoint slides (listed above as “PDF”) from their leadership. This form of training is meant for the exceptional case where online access is not available to the member and classroom training is not readily available after completing each PPT course, the member must self-certify completion of each course (see below).

Classroom Training: Many auxiliarists prefer the classroom environment with a certified Instructor leading the discussion. There are several ways an instructor can present the class: 

  • Internet Connection Available: The instructor can log into AUXLMS (or any other training mechanism) with their own account and project the online course on a screen.
  • Power Point Slide Presentation: The instructor downloads power point presentations for each course and then projects the slides to the class as with any other course.
  • Video Voice over Power Point: The instructor can previously download all the course videos and then project them from his computer to the classroom.

AUXDATA registration is done through the use of a 7039 form. The full course description should be stated in the "remarks" section of the form and no “course” boxes should be checked. Member name and ID number for each student is put on the form and the form is sent to an IS staff officer for registration. Completion of the 7039 form by the instructor is all the IS officer needs to update AUXDATA with credit for completing the AUXMT course(s) listed for each student.

Self-Certification: There are several reasons to use self-certification to indicate completion of AUXMT training:

  • You completed the course on AUXLMS but did not get credit for the course. This is usually because the wrong browser was used but, since the course was completed, use self-certification to get credit rather than retaking the course on AUXLMS
  • You completed either the Voice over PPT video course or the PDF- annotated PPT course and are registering that fact via self-certification for AUXDATA credit
  • You previously completed the Coast Guard version of the AUXMT course and want AUXDATA credit for it.

There are two ways to self-certify:

Self-Attestation Form: You can DOWNLOAD the form by CLICKING HERE and then print the form to get a hard copy.

  • At the bottom of the form initial all the courses you have completed but not previously registered. Fill out the rest of the form.
  • Give or mail the form to your IS officer for AUXDATA
  • Scan the completed document and Save the resulting file. Then send the file, via email attachment, to your IS officer for AUXDATA entry.

NTC (National Testing Center) Automatic AUXDATA entry: Go to the NTC website by clicking . Then, do the following:

  • Click on “Take a Test”.
  • Log into the website using your member ID number and Password (same as for AUXDIRECTORY). This takes you to a list of ALL NTC tests.
  • Scan the list for the course you want credit for e.g. the first AUXMT course listed is “CRA” the civil rights awareness (502319) course.
  • Left click on the “Test ID” for the course of interest. This takes you to a “general instructions” page. Ignore that page and
  • Click on “START TEST”
  • The screen asks if you completed this course (CRA in this case)
  • Click “Yes” and then click finished. This completes your AUXDATA registration for that course. There is no need to send anything to your IS officer. Repeat as needed for each course you have completed.