Leadership Development Resources

The Leadership Development Framework combines the Coast Guard’s 28 Leadership Competencies with five responsibility levels that apply to all employees (worker, first-line supervisor, mid-level manager, senior manager, and executive) within the Coast Guard and provides the expertise anticipated at each level. In addition it offers a variety of ways to gain and demonstrate the anticipated expertise (training, voluntary education, and other learning opportunities).

As Auxiliarists seek increased responsibility within the organization, this document provides valuable information needed to demonstrate leadership at every level.
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has a parallel leadership and development framework presented in this document.The Auxiliary framework is modeled closely on the Coast Guard Framework, modified as necessary to reflect the unique circumstances of this volunteer agency. It is the basis for the creation of our Leadership Continuum of courses and provides guidance on the competencies at each level of our organization. All members are encouraged to review this document to learn about the leadership competencies and how they apply at each level of our organization.