Leadership & Management School (LAMS)

Each of the offerings of the 5-day course has three billets reserved for Auxiliary participants. Auxiliarists interested in taking this course with their local Coast Guard unit should consult this schedule and contact the Point of Contact (POC) listed for the course in their area to reserve a seat.
This is a non-resident course and orders are not routinely provided. The participants must be able to attend all 5 days. This course is developed for regular, reservist, Auxiliary and civilian Coast Guard personnel. It is a recommended course for Flotilla Commanders, Vice Commanders, and other Auxiliarists who aspires to leadership positions.
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College Credit For LAMS
Any Auxiliarist who has taken LAMS in a full 5 day course (either with CG or as an Aux "C" School in the past), can get three (3) upper level college credit hours in Organizational Development. Interested Auxiliarists should contact their institution of higher learning, bring in their course completion certificate and present the following information:
ACE# CG-1717-0013 course # 4150; 1 week; 45 hours
Please note: Students who have taken LAMS Part A and B are not eligible for these credits.