Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Many members leave the Auxiliary each year because they did not feel the organization cared about them or recognized what they had to offer. Good leaders do not let this happen by involving and stimulating their members they lead. They understand that the first, and most important, step to achieve this is to determine the goals, skills and desires of each member. The best tool available to our elected leaders to achieve this is the Individual Development Plan (IDP) COMDTINST 5357.1A. National leadership requests all Auxiliary unit leaders to use an IDP for every member in their unit.  Special attention should be given to Enclosure (3) specifically regarding the Auxiliary and Enclosure (4) which is the actual IDP Form (CG-6021) to use with each Auxiliary member. The leader works with the member to fill-out the form. The next step is for the leader to appoint a Mentor(s) for that member based on the member's Auxiliary goals and aspirations.


To increase a member's Auxiliary job satisfaction, professional development, and career advancement, after a member has completed their Individual Development Plan (IDP), one or more Mentors should be appointed by a unit elected leader. The Auxiliary national leadership, with the support of your district leadership, fully supports the Auxiliary Mentoring Program and expect every unit leader to provide one or more mentors for every member in their unit. Just as the use of IDPs is requested for every member, Mentors are also required for every member. For more information, including tools to assist leaders, mentors, and mentees please visit the Coast Guard Mentoring Program.