Missions and Roles

The Strategic Planning Directorate applies strategic research, analysis and planning, university programs, innovation, and strategic program management to support the Coast Guard Auxiliary in overcoming maritime safety, security, economic, environmental, organizational, technological, social, demographic, and political challenges. Working with leadership across the organization, we seek to understand the potential impact of these challenges, develop targeted strategies to address them, and serve as the point of connection with the Coast Guard and other partners engaged in similar strategically oriented activities. 

Research (SR)
Critically understand the challenges facing our service. 

  • Strategic Surveying: Provide strategic context for executive-level decision making through internal trend analysis and third party studies, articles, and surveys.
  • Member Surveys: Understand the evolving nature, demographics, preferences, opinions, drivers, and trends among Auxiliary members through surveys and analysis.
  • Strategy Archive: Make internal and external surveys, data, studies, and subject matter documents available as an strategically-focused educational resource for all members.

Planning (SP)
Educate others by providing timely analysis of and recommendations for overcoming these challenges.

  • Future Envisioning: Utilize Evergreen and related efforts to understand drivers and trends shaping the future, and craft accordant organizational responses. 
  • Strategic Planning: Lead the development of high-level strategies, draft strategic plans, identify and analyze significant emerging issues through topical studies and papers.
  • Group Facilitation: Assist leadership, staffs, districts, and other major communities in crafting meaningful, actionable strategies through facilitated group sessions.

University Programs (SU)
Strengthen the Auxiliary University Program (AUP) so that it is a world-class educator of
leaders in service, ready to tackle these challenges.

  • Campus Operations: Collaborate with local leadership to grow and maintain campus-based units through which students participate in the Auxiliary University Program (AUP).
  • Academics: Promote high AUP graduation rates by providing students with a range of coursework and education programs aligned with the Auxiliary’s strategic needs.
  • Student Services: Provide program management support and student services such as internships and research opportunities focused on developing strategic thinking. 

Innovation (SI)
Identify, incubate, and operationalize innovative approaches and emerging research and development that allow the organization to overcome these challenges.

  • Innovation Challenges: Coordinate Auxiliary involvement in the Commandant's Innovation Program by facilitating flag-level innovation challenges and surfacing ideas from the field.
  • Rapid Innovation: Facilitate the rapid research, development, and prototyping of innovative ideas while incubating untested, yet promising concepts.
  • Capability Development: Work across the organization to promote the development of strategically significant capabilities through facilitation and project oversight. 

Program Management (SM)
Facilitate and oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives that position the organization to overcome these challenges. 

  • Strategic Plan Execution: Translating strategic intent into planning and action throughout the Coast Guard Auxiliary by facilitating the implementation of strategic plan objectives.
  • Project Coordination: Support other directorates in achieving strategic objectives, assisting in requirements definition, planning, and ongoing project management.
  • Directors Council: Promote inter-directorate unity of effort facilitating preparation, execution, and after action items as the secretariat for the Auxiliary Directors Council.