Frequently Asked Questions

To further continuous innovation in the Coast Guard, the Innovation Program provides a crowdsourcing platform, CG_Ideas@Work, that offers an opportunity for the entire workforce – active, reserve, civilian and Auxiliary – to suggest solutions to enterprise challenges. The platform also includes an open forum for the workforce to provide ideas to make the Coast Guard better.

Who can be an innovator?
Everyone! Innovation is a way of thinking and an ideation process that allows us to tackle complex challenges. The Coast Guard welcomes the input of all our people. The best way to get involved is through the CG_Ideas@Work website, where members can respond to specific Innovation Challenges issued by the Coast Guard, or can submit their own ideas.

What is an Innovation Challenge?
An innovation challenge is problem that the Coast Guard is trying to solve, a challenge it is trying to overcome, or a question it is trying to answer by seeking input and ideas from all our people. Challenges might apply to active duty, reserve, civilian, or Auxiliary workforces, to a set of missions, or to specific commands or regions. Each challenge is sponsored by a Coast Guard leader.

What is CG_Ideas@Work?
CG_Ideas@Work is the Coast Guard's online crowd-sourcing website, where all Coast Guard people (active duty, reservists, civilians, and auxiliarists) can respond to various challenges the Service faces. The site encourages creative ideas and collaborative, open discussion. 

How do I begin using CG_Ideas@Work?
Sign up for CG_Ideas@Work. Choose a Challenge, click “Submit an Idea” on the top right to post your unique idea, or comment and vote on ideas from other members. Think about what innovation can do for you, and how you can incorporate innovative thinking in your sector, flotilla, and everyday life! Check it out:

Why contribute to Coast Guard innovation?
Innovation allows us to look at an issue from a new perspective, to find the best possible solution. Creativity and collaboration are cornerstones of innovation, and with a group of people designing solutions to a common challenge, ideas build on each other to form a unique solution.

How does the Auxiliary work with the other Coast Guard components on innovation?
We’re one team. The entire Coast Guard uses the CG_Ideas@Work site to crowdsource solutions to challenges. The Auxiliary and the active duty communicate frequently, sharing challenges and ideas.

I've been invited to participate in an Innovation Workshop! What does that mean, and what should I expect?
We use crowd-sourcing at workshops to generate new and collaborative ideas to solve challenges the Auxiliary faces. At the workshop, you will be exposed to a new way of thinking- human centered design -to propose solutions to these issues. We want you to come as a blank slate, so we won’t give too much more away!