Regulations for Wearing the Uniform

Auxiliary uniforms are similar to those worn by Coast Guard officers.  Silver braid and silver buttons replace the gold braid and buttons worn by Coast Guard Officers.  Auxiliarists may also wear other authorized emblems, insignia and ribbons.

All Auxiliarists are authorized and encouraged to wear the various Auxiliary uniforms or the Blue Blazer outfit.  Some Coast Guard and Auxiliary programs and activities require that Auxiliarists wear a uniform when participating.  Uniforms shall be worn as prescribed in Chapter 11 of the Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN) M16790.1G.  The ODU and the flight-suite are the newest uniform changes/additions.  Click flight-suit for information on this new uniform. Click on this link for a PowerPoint presentation on the new ODU uniform.  This uniform is also changing from the current 'tucked' to an 'un-tucked' version.  The ODU coat and trousers are both different for these uniforms and are NOT interchangeable.  For further information on all Uniform wear check out the Uniform Division page of the Human Resources Department web site.

Purchase of Uniforms and Insignia

Many uniform accessories and special items are available through the AUXCEN District Stores.  The center is operated by CGAuxA, Inc., the National Coast Guard Auxiliary Organization.

The Commandant has authorized Auxiliarists to buy uniforms and insignia items in all Coast Guard exchanges and uniform stores.  The Auxiliary identification card is the only document required for entry and purchasing ability.

Auxiliarists may also order uniforms by mail from the Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) at Woodbine, New Jersey.  Order forms are available from the UDC.  Dinner Dress and Service Dress White uniforms may be procured from Navy Exchange Uniform Shops.

Auxiliarists may use commercial sources for obtaining uniforms and insignia.  Coast Guard and commercial sources of Auxiliary uniforms can also be found in the Uniform Procurement Guide, which is posted on the Auxiliary web site and distributed to all Materials (MA) Officers annually. Auxiliarists should purchase with caution because not all open market uniforms and insignia meet Coast Guard specifications.  One can buy, in good faith, apparent regulation items and find such items are not the same.  There may be differences in the material, design, cut, shade, durability, color fastness, etc.

When buying uniform insignia at commercial locations,  Auxiliarists should look for the Coast Guard certification numbers inside the item.  Certain commercial sources have received Coast Guard certification for items they manufacture.  The safest course is to purchase insignia supplied to the district by the AUXCEN or to ask the MA officer.