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The Response Directorate is responsible for the administration of the Auxiliary's:

In 2007 the former Aids to Navigation Division was transferred to the Department of Prevention and the Division of Incident Management was transferred into the Operations Department.  In 2009, the Operations Department was re-named the Response Department to better indicate the relationship of this unit to its counterparts in the active duty Coast Guard.  In August of 2011, all Departments were relabeled as Directorates.  Also at that time, the Division of Incident Management was moved to the new Incident Management and Preparedness Directorate within the Response and Prevention Group.

Each of the program responsibilities in the Directorate is represented by a specific Division, Aviation, Surface Operations and Telecommunications. The Operations Education Division handles training projects, website maintenance and information for the Directorate as a whole.

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In the air and on the water
Surface and Air Facilities


Auxiliary Aviation Maintenance Policy Change

The Coast Guard has implemented a major change in policy for Auxiliary Aviation (AUXAIR). The legacy policy requiring strict adherence to a manufacturer’s recommendation for time-between-overhauls (TBO) for engines and propellers has been replaced in favor of a policy that requires specific inspections and condition monitoring for all AUXAIR aircraft.

The Coast Guard Headquarters message on the Updated Aviation Facility Maintenance Policy can be found at this link.   For additional information and clarifications see the FAQ document at this link and the Response Directorate's white paper at this link.

New Initial and 5-Year Currency TCT Program

The new Initial and Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshop resource materials, announced in ALAUX -10/13 on 08 AUG, are now available.  Take a look at our Education Division page for the latest on a the new TCT program.  This is a 4 hour program which replaces the current 8 hour class for Initial and 5-Year currency in our operations programs.  There are 3 documents at this link for the TCT Slides, the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Guide, as well as a link to the ALAUX  from the CHDIRAUX announcing the program and the process for getting facilitators certified in the new program

AOM - Auxiliary Order Management

The AUXDATA Order Management system, which is the much-anticipated replacement for the legacy Patrol Order Management System (POMS) is now available.  AOM is not an “upgraded” POMS, rather, it is an entirely new program created just for the Auxiliary.  Click on this link for the reference guide and more information.

CG and CGAUX important new initiative

 An important mission of the Auxiliary is providing support for active duty Coast Guard units.  To assist Auxiliary units in improving this support, the National Staff have developed some “best practice” guidelines. This guidance was endorsed by the NEXCOM and was published by the NACO in his NACO Guidance #8 message.
We encourage you to read the NACO’s message and to follow the link.  Please read the linked document.  It provides time tested guidance on promoting and marketing Auxiliary units to their counterpart active duty units.  It is anticipated that this will stimulate improved interaction with active duty units and will result in more opportunity for Auxiliarists to participate in support missions.

Please follow this link for more information

Current NavRules and Frequently asked questions

For information on getting a copy of the most current most up to date NavRules manual as well as answers to other frequently asked questions on navigation rules see this link to the US Coast Guard Navigation Center