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Surface Division Safety Best Practices

Surface Safety Program- Refer to COMMANDANT INSTRUCTION M5100.47A (Safety and Environmental Health Manual), CHAPTER 21 AFLOAT SAFETY PROGRAM for current surface safety program information.

Mishap Analysis Reports - The initial analysis of summary mishap data plus supplemental reports to be issued yearly or whenever necessary. Aggregate mishap causation patterns and trends are presented; no personal data or identifiers are used in this analysis.

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General Surface Best Practices

Surface Mishap Data, CG Safety and Work Life Center

The Chief Director of Auxiliary office has recently released Auxiliary Surface Operations mishap data covering the years 2006 to 2016 inclusive; the source of this data is the CG Safety and Work-life Service Center in Norfolk, VA.

This data should be used to augment the Response Directorate’s Mishap Analysis report issued in May of 2014, and the Supplemental Report issued in Sept. 2015. These reports are found on the response Directorate Safety Best practices button on the left side of the Directorate site.

Please ensure that this data, and the Response Directorate data is used to develop training needs analyses pertaining to your District, Divisions and Flotillas.

Local mishap analysis should inform and support local operations Workshops, training and safety discussions throughout your AOR.

Surface Mishaps Info 2006 thru 2016