Can't find what you are looking for on this site??

If you are having trouble finding the information that you are looking for on this site try these tips.

  • First of all some information on this site is CG or CG Auxiliary confidential and therefore you must first login to the site to see all the pages, especially those relating to policies and procedures.  Go to the Member Zone section noted in the left hand column and login with your member number and password.
  • If that does not give you the info you need,  try typing a few words or title of the document or information you are looking for in the search box at the bottom of the left navigation window under the heading  "Search National Site".  This will search all the National web sites (including this site) for any postings or documents with your phrase in it.
  • Many of the navigation items in the left column have sub categories under them.  Click on any that look like they might have the type of information you want and see what the additional drop down menu items are.  As you hover your cursor over each menu item a small pop up window will give you a little additional information on what that link will take you to. (remember to login first as some pages are only available to Auxiliary members.