Marine Safety PQS

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Marine qualifications are designed to facilitate and encourage Auxiliary support for Coast Guard Sectors in the legacy Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Programs. They are developed in conjunction with Coast Guard Headquarters program managers and TRACEN Yorktown. The Auxiliary qualifications mirror those of the Active Duty – minus any law enforcement or military activities.

Marine Safety qualifications are open to Auxiliarists are based on the needs of the individual Sector. If a Sector has no need of Auxiliary support in a particular program area, it is not available to Auxiliarists in that area. Check with your Auxiliary Marine Safety staff chain to determine the PQSs available in your area.

The below list of PQSs are the only PQSs currently available to Auxiliarists. No other qualifications are authorized (see ALCOAST 505/08 and ALCOAST 45/10).

The following two (2) PQSs have the Letter of Designation is issued by the District DIRAUX.

Auxiliary Administrative and Management Specialist (AUX-MSAM)
  • Study Guide for AUX MSAM PQS
  • At one time there was an on-line test for a portion of the MSAM PQS.  A certificate was issued for test completion, signed by CAPT Bary Smith, CHDIRAUX.  This certificate is NOT a Letter of Designation and does not indicate qualification.  The PQS booklet must be completed and a Letter of Designation issued.
  • Prior to 28 Jan 2010 Letters of Designation for this qualification were issued by the Department Chief, or Deputy Department Chief, for the Marine Safety (M) Department.  The Department Chiefs/Deputy Department Chiefs are:  Helumt Hertle, John Cooper, David Hand, Greg Kester, Denise Castrogiovanni, Kevin Cady. Letters of Designation issued by anyone other than those listed are invalid.
Auxiliary Prevention Outreach Specialist (AUX-MEES) (formerly Marine Environmental Education Specialist)
The Letters of Designation for the following PQSs are issued by the Captain of the Port (COTP)

The following PQSs are discontinued but may be counted toward ribbon or device if earned prior to listed date:

PQS  Replaced by
Effective Date
 LOD must be issued by

 Marine Environmental Education Specialist

 Prevention Outreach Specialist
28 Jan 2010
 28 April 2010
 AUX Asst Pollution Investigator 
 AUX Asst Pollution Responder  
18 Nov 2011  18 Jan 2012
 AUX Asst Harbor Safety Observer 
 NONE 28 Jan 2010
 28 April 2010
 AUX Marine Safety Watchstander
28 Jan 2010
 28 April 2010
 AUX Asst Contingency Preparedness Specialist
 AUX Asst Contingency Planner
28 Jan 2010
 28 April 2010
Port State Control Boarding Team Assistant
 AUX Asst Port State Control Examiner
28 Jan 2010  28 April 2010
 AUX Asst Pollution Response Specialist
 AUX Asst Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative
28 Jan 2010  28 April 2010
 AUX Asst License and Document Examiner  NONE  29 April 2014
 29 July 2014
 AUX Asst License and Document Evaluator 
 NONE  29 April 2014
 29 July 2014  
 AUX Asst Federal On Scene Coordinator Representative
 NONE  12 Dec 2014
 12 Dec 2014

Active duty marine safety qualifications (other than the Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner and Uninspected Tow Vessel Examiner listed above) are not authorized to be earned by Auxiliarists.  (See ALCOAST 505/08 and ALCOAST /14)  If earned prior to Oct 2008 they may be counted toward the Marine Safety (Trident) device.  To be counted they must be qualifications accepted toward the active duty Marine Safety Professional device.