Jobs in International Affairs Department

There are two types of “jobs” for Auxiliarists in the International Outreach (IO) Program: regular national staff positions (such as regional Division or Branch Chiefs) with the IO team of the International Affairs Department (I-Dept) or participation in specific projects and deployments.

Staff positions are limited and highly selective and competitive. Prospective candidates should have a record of international affairs experience such particularly in the areas of security cooperation, Geographic Combatant Command Staff or diplomacy. Other backgrounds of interest include: diplomacy, international law enforcement, development and humanitarian assistance, academia and international business. Candidates should have a strong and current understanding of regional affairs and maritime issues as well as excellent cross-cultural communication skills. Language competency is desirable but not necessary. Staff officers are expected to be able to work independently with minimal supervision and demonstrate high standards of professionalism, responsibility, and teamwork.

Eligibility for participation on specific projects and deployments will depend upon mission requirements. In addition to job specific skills, prospective candidates should be team oriented and physically capable of traveling to and living in potentially physically austere, uncomfortable conditions and culturally foreign environments.

Opportunities and application instructions will be posted on this website and disseminated through normal Auxiliary Channels.

Currently there are no open positions.