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New March-April Issue of RBS Job #1 Now Online

The latest issue of "RBS Job #1," the Auxiliary's recreational boating safety news bulletin, is now online in a new, more magazine-like format. Please take a look at it here. If you prefer, you can download a PDF of it for offline reading here.

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RBS Job #1 Cover Image


Coast Guard "Proceedings" Focuses on Boating Safety

Proceedings is a free Coast Guard periodical, and they will send it to anyone who requests a subscription. The most recent issue focuses on boating safety. Each person must request his or her subscription, either online at or by filling out the subscription card in each edition. You can access the current issue on-line at this link to decide whether it would be of interest to you.



Video: Surviving Cold Water

The CG Auxiliary Education Department has posted a new video on Surviving Cold Water. Download it in WMV format here.


New Issue of RBS Job #1

The newest issue of the Coast Guard Auxiliary's recreational boating safety newsletter, "RBS Job #1," is now online and can be downloaded as a PDF here. In this issue, you'll read about the latest recreational boating safety partnerships, summertime activities, the Sea Scouts, a gubernatorial proclamation, and much more. Check it out now!


New ACA Video: Stories of Survival

The American Canoe Association has just released a powerful 3-minute video on the importance of paddlecraft safety training. Check out "Stories of Survival" on Youtube: