Suggested Reading List

"Professional service is a fundamental expectation of all Coast Guard men and women. It requires a thorough understanding of contemporary issues facing our service, demonstration of effective leadership in our duties, and a strong appreciation of our heritage. The Coast Guard Reading List helps us maintain this desired attribute by providing a common learning experience built on relevant topics, some selected by our Service’s senior leaders, others recommended by our Shipmates."
~ ADM Bob Papp

About the List

The ASOC Reading List provides recommended books related to leadership. The list is not all-inclusive; the goal is to provide a starting point or expand existing knowledge and skills. This list has been transformed into a living reading list that will be updated as soon as new additions are approved.

The reading list provides a tool for individual professional growth, taking into account that responsibility for professional development rests simultaneously on each individual, his or her flotilla, division, district, and our service.

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