Questions Answered

What are the attendance & participation requirements?

Once enrolled in ASOC, leaders are required to attend the resident units of the course and actively participate in online activities and discussions during workshop presentations four times in the 24-month period of the course. Leaders are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner. Learning during the online units of the course is greatly enhanced through the exchange of ideas in the discussion forums.

It is understood that ASOC leaders continue to perform their primary duties and responsibilities while meeting the requirements of the course. Managing schedules and meeting deadlines is an expectation of the program. Making online posts after the assignments are finished does not meet the spirit of the course, so planning and thinking ahead are essential. If for any reason a leader is unable to complete an assignment (due to operational or family time conflicts), notification to their team facilitator is required by phone or email at least one week in advance. See grading discussion below for more information about the consequences of missing weeks without prior notification.

Are there online assignments?

Online assignments begin at the onset of the course in November and go through the entire 24-month course, however, there is a heavy front-end assignment schedule that must be completed before the resident sessions at the Academy, the following May. It is essential that those assignments be completed in preparation of the Resident Session. Resident Session orders will not be processed if student is not current to that point. The following guidelines describe standards for quality of online assignments:

Thoughtful: Review questions from each assignment require a thoughtful approach to each answer and if reading assignment is complete used to ensure that the basic concepts were understood by the student.

Logical: Your review answers should contain a logical argument. Conclusions should be clearly stated and supported by referencing the book used during the assignment.

Relevant: Relate to the subject matter. You may provide information, opinions, or questions about the topic or concept. You may relate the subject matter to personal experience as long as the focus remains academic in nature.

Prompt: In order to remain current and to ensure preparation for the resident session, assignments must be submitted in a timely manner. Prior course has shown that once behind, it is practically impossible to catch up in the short amount of time allotted.

Concise/Grammatically Correct: Effective messages get to the point and are clearly stated. As with all written communication from students, your answers should reflect proper grammar.

What is the online discussion grading policy?

The facilitators will review and grade all leaders’ assignments, checking for quality and timeliness. The purpose of the grading is to provide leaders feedback on the quality of their assignments, and to ensure accountability for participation in the course. There is no final or cumulative grade at the end of the course and students are not ranked. Certificates of completion will be awarded to those students who have submitted all assignments and exercises at the end of the course period.

What does “on time” mean? Each assignment is given a due date for completion at the onset of the course. Data base in maintained for recording all assignments and when received. Late assignments are discussed individual with students to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the assignment and to correct tardiness.

Consequences of receiving zero grades. Leaders that make little to no effort during the course will only be award a Certificate of Attendance and no notation will be made within personnel. The students District Commodore will be advised of any missing or overdue assignments throughout the course period.

Are there any written & oral assignments?

Written Assignments: Students will be expected to produce high quality written assignments that may require the use of materials outside those provided for this course. Instructions and expectations for each written assignment will be provided.

Presentations: During the resident portion of the course you will be required to present on a variety of issues relevant to organizational-level leaders. Instructions for each oral presentation will be provided to you.

What is the written & oral assignment grading policy?

All written assignments are graded and returned to students with comments and where necessary recommendations for clarity of the subject matter. Oral assignments during the resident session are addressed by fellow students critiquing presentations and providing feedback as to content and delivery of presentations.

Is there an academic honesty policy?

ASOC maintains a policy of strict academic honesty and integrity. Leaders shall strictly adhere to the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. There will be no exceptions. Honesty in the performance of academic assignments is essential to the mastery of a subject and intellectual development. The responsibility for such honesty rests with the individual leader. While teamwork and cooperation are encouraged, the following practices are specifically prohibited:

Cheating: Cheating is presenting someone else’s work as one’s own. All work is expected to be original.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is using the exact words, phrases, ideas or sentences of another person or paraphrasing information obtained from another person or his/her work (facts, opinions, ideas, or language) without proper documentation. Leaders should include citations for both direct quotes and paraphrasing; print online posting of downloads for personal use only (do not alter or re-distribute); and always check permission restrictions for using electronic material.

Are there course evaluations & feedback?

To truly move ahead and provide the best possible ASOC, the students will be employing a variety of evaluations during the course. Each leader’s critical, well thought out, and honest feedback is important for future generations of this course. Detailed instructions for each evaluation will be provided via separate email correspondence to each leader. A Daily journal will be completed by the student during the resident sessions and a facilitator evaluation is conducted at course end to assist the facilitator in review of each of their presentation for clarity of materials and personal presentation abilities.

Leaders will be required to provide daily evaluations of the resident portions of the course. They will also be expected to evaluate their time spent online. These evaluations will be required on a timely basis.

Are there any course material copyright restrictions?

Copying or redistributing protected intellectual property violates copyright law. Copyrighted material limits access and use to leaders enrolled in ASOC for the duration of the course. Copyrighted materials used in ASOC are for use by leaders only while enrolled in the course. Materials that can be shared will be posted to training website during the course.