Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide leadership continuity through time-tested skill sets to ensure the best qualified individuals lead the organization.

Vision Statement

To pair innovative ideas, with improved methods of instruction, to instill the skills necessary to advance individuals to the higher levels of leadership competency.

Attendance & Participation Requirements

Once enrolled in ASOC, students are required to attend the resident units of the course and actively participate in online activities and discussions during workshop presentations four times in the 24-month period of the course. Students are expected to complete the 11 on-line assignments in a timely manner. Assignments are reviewed and used as open discussion periods during the workshop sessions.

It is understood that ASOC students continue to perform their primary duties and responsibilities while meeting the requirements of the course. Managing schedules and meeting deadlines is an expectation of the program.

On-line assignments begin at the onset of the course in November and go through the entire 24-month course, however there is a heavy front-end assignment schedule that must be completed before the resident sessions at the Academy in the following May. It is essential that those assignments be completed in preparation of the Resident Session. Orders will not be processed if student is not current at that time.