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The Web Services Division is dedicated to providing the Public Affairs Directorate and the Coast Guard Auxiliary with professional web-based operations significant to the timely and accurate application of posting pertinent information to the Public Affairs Directorate website. By over-seeing database management and other Internet technology developments, we can extensively coordinate with cross division and directorate staff to ensure that our services are efficient and effective in promoting the Public Affairs Directorate and it’s missions.

Todd Lett, Division Chief of Web Services (DVC-AW)

Todd Lett, DVC-AW

Todd Lett is currently serving as the Division Chief of Web Services in the Public Affairs Directorate. Todd has a background in Graphic/Web Design and Video Production in Birmingham, Alabama and has been in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary since April 2014. He studied at Troy State University for his Bachelors of Arts in Communications and then transferred to Devry University where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems.

During his time in the Auxiliary, Todd has moved into multiple leadership positions from the appointed serving as a Flotilla Staff Officer for Communications Services (FSO-CS), Information Services (FSO-IS), Public Affairs (FSO-PA), and Marine Safety (FSO-MS). On a division level, Todd has also served as Staff Officer for Public Affairs (SO-PA), Communications Services (SO-CS), and Information Services (SO-IS). Previously, Todd was appointed Branch Chief, Webmaster (BC-AWA) in the Public Affairs Directorate.

Todd has a passion for public affairs, communications, and publications within the Auxiliary. During 2016, while Todd was serving as the Branch Chief for Application Support (BC-UCX), he received the Auxiliary Commandant's Letter of Commendation for his work on the Information Technology Directorate's Web Review Project.