Special Events

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is proud to provide Auxiliary Color Guards to present the "Colors" at various public and community events, such as during the playing of the National Anthem at public sporting events, dedications and other civic events and parades. We are also able to provide Auxiliary Honor Guards for Military Honors Funerals in some geographic regions.



To request an Auxiliary Color Guard please the follow the "Request an Auxiliary Color Guard" link and complete the requested form. You will be contacted by the Auxiliary Color Guard Coordinator in your area. Please note that not all geographic areas have Auxiliary Color Guards. Also please make the request at least 45 days prior to your event.


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Flags and Ceremonies guide

Flags and Ceremonies Guide

This guide services as a resource for local Auxiliary units to organize and train ceremonial teams at all levels. (3 MB PDF download)

Memorial Guide Book

This guide serves as a go-to book in regards to Auxiliary Memorial Services. It includes readings, scriptures, protocols, and procedures for both land burials and burials at sea.  

Guide to Protocol and Courtesy for Auxiliary Units and Auxiliarists

Information includes: saluting, flag, shipboard and wardroom etiquette, invitations, receiving lines, introductions, seating, and funerals protocols. As directed from the Department of Human Resources.