Public Relations


The Public Relations Division takes pride in reaching out to the membership, communities, and other components of the Coast Guard community to create, maintain, and catalogue Coast Guard Auxiliary programs such as; Coastie, National Safe Boating Week, Speakers’ Bureaus, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary History Program. Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Our division provides ample training resources for members who wish to participate in community events, special events, ceremonies, speeches, and community and youth outreach programs. Apart from engaging in the community, the Public Relations Division also hosts historical data timelines and maintains historical archives of the Coast Guard Auxiliary by working with multiple maritime museums, the Coast Guard, and the Coast Guard Historian.

Lourdes R. Oliveras, MPH., Division Chief of Public Relations  (DVC-AC)

Michael Heid
 Lourdes R. Oliveras, MPH., DVC-AC