AUX-12 C School for Public Affairs Training


Introduction to the concepts, policy and principles of unit pubic affairs programs. Basic training in how to tell the Coast Guard and Auxiliary story. Students learn news writing, editing, marketing, branding and digital photography, along with how to handle media interviews as part of a Joint Information Center. 

AUX-12 has evolved through several years of refinement and is considered a marque course for the Auxiliary. It is equivalent to the five-day Coast Guard Public Affairs Course (CGPAC) at the Defense Information School, so active duty and reserve personnel may apply. 

Duration: Three days, fully reimbursable orders.

: 20 Auxilliary and five active duty/reserve; three instructors.

: Auxiliary through AFC-56; active duty and reserve through AFC-30. Course code is 501562.

Uniform: A complete and proper Tropical Blue uniform as per Coast Guard C-School directive (no dickie slacks, black tennis shoes, etc.). 


Auxiliary: Appointed public affairs or publication officers at any level; any elected leadership; members of the Auxiliary Interpreter Corps; members of the AUXPA National Staff. 

Prospective PA or PB officers may also apply based on a pending appointment from their FC or DCDR.

Active Duty/Reserve: Any collateral duty Public Affairs Officer. 

Notice: Qualified Auxiliary PA Specialist 3 (entry-level) or higher are not eligible for this course.


CGAS San Diego, CA (20-22 April)

CGAS Traverse City, MI (1-3 June)

CG Yard, Baltimore, MD (June 22-24)

NACON, Orlando, FL (20-22 August)

ATC Mobile, AL (14-16 September)



Auxiliary: 1) Download the STTR (Short-Term Training Request) form at  Click on “PDF Forms” at left, scroll down to ANSC-7059. 


2) Fill out form and send to FC for signature. FC will forward to District DIRAUX, who is responsible for final approval and for sending your application to Headquarters. Selections for C-Schools are made by the Chief Director’s staff.

Prospective PA or PB officer candidates must request “appointment-pending” status by submitting a memo summarizing their commitment to public affairs. A letter of approval from the authorizing officer should then be included as part of the application packet.

Selected students will receive travel orders from the Training Quota Management Center (TQC) via their DIRAUX.

Active Duty Reserve: Submit Electronic Training Request and route through unit Chain of Command.


Auxiliary: Completion of online course, Introduction to Auxiliary Pubic Affairs (AUX-20) prior to class start date.

Active Duty/Reserve: AUX-20 is not required, although we recommend enrollment in the course to gain a foundation in Coast Guard public affairs by studying the sections on print and broadcast media, photo, video, static displays, and release of information policies.






We encourage you to pursue the Auxiliary Public Affairs Specialist designation. AUX-12 is an accelerated way to earn this qualification, but you can still meet the criteria by taking all required PA and ICS courses on-line. Either way, you must complete a series of tasks using the Performance Qualification System (PQS). 

Find detailed information for all three Specialist levels on this website under Divisions of the A-Dept  > Training > PA Specialist. Download the PQS study guide and PQS sign-off notebook for each level.

Here’s a summary of the program:



Completion of AUX-12 counts for all PA 3 [Entry Level] requirements except ICS 100 and AUX-20. You can find detailed information and the PQS notebooks for all three Specialist levels on this website under "Divisions of the A-Dept.", "Training", PA Specialist". Download the PA 3 Study Guide and PQS notebook.