Auxop Requirments

 AUXOP Device      
The AUXOP Device pictured to the left is the result of years of intensive USCG Auxiliary training.  It is acknowledgement of a member's achievement.  Any member may strive for this recognition by completing a series of prescribed courses of study with knowledge testing at each step.  Below are the courses now required.

(1) The three required core courses, each worth one credit, shall be:

· (a) Auxiliary Weather Specialty Course (AUXWEA).

· (b) Auxiliary Seamanship Specialty Course (AUXSEA).

· (c) Auxiliary Communications Specialty Course (AUXCOM)

(2) Auxiliarists will be required to complete one of the following leadership courses, worth one credit (AUXOP credit will not be applied for more than one course from this category). These courses include:

· (a) Auxiliary Leadership and Management (AUXLAMS).

· (b) Auxiliary Mid-Level Officers Course (AMLOC).

· (c) Auxiliary District Captain Course (Formerly RCO Course).

· (d) Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC)

· (e) Auxiliary Senior Officers Course (ASOC).

(3) Auxiliarists will be required to complete their AUXOP credits by completing a combination of the following elective courses, totaling three or more credits:

 · (a) Auxiliary Search Coordination and Execution Specialty Course (AUXSC&E)
      Auxiliary Navigation Specialty Course (AUXNAV) is a pre-requisite - 2 credits.

· (b) Auxiliary Navigation Specialty Course (AUXNAV) - 2 credits.

· (c) Introduction to Marine Safety - 2 credits.

· (d) Auxiliary Patrol Specialty Course (AUXPAT) - 1 credit.

· (e) Auxiliary Aids-to-Navigation (ATON) and Chart Updating C-school (AUX-06) - 1 credit.

· (f)  Effective January 1, 2014, all National Incident Management System (NIMS)-compliant Incident Command System (ICS)-300 and ICS-400 courses will be acceptable for credit toward earning the Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) device.    (ICS 210) cannot be used as a substitution - 1 credit

· (g) Auxiliary Air Coordinator C-school (AUX-15) - 1 credit.

· (h) Specialty ICS courses count as one credit for completion of the in-class course and one credit for the completion of the PQS for a possible two credits. If an in-class course is not available, then PQS must be completed for credit. Specialty ICS courses include:

· 1. ICS 346 (Situation Unit Leader).

· 2. ICS 347 (Demobilization Unit Leader).

· 3. ICS 248 (Resources Unit Leader).

· 4. ICS 430 (Operations Section Chief).

· 5. ICS 440 (Planning Section Chief).

· 6. ICS 351 (Finance Section Chief

No time limit shall apply to successful completion of AUXOP eligibility requirements