Message From The Commodore

 District Commodore
Commodore Frank Gumataotao
District Commodore
District 14 
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

2016 is starting well with newly focused programs, training initiatives, operational awareness and strategic alliances. District 14 is working diligently to meet the Mandatory Training regime of eight Coast Guard courses plus two ICS standards. Our completion rate is ahead of the national average with a goal of 100% compliance by year-end. National initially developed online course platforms and self-certification for those who might be remote (off grid) or computer challenged. Our District instituted this training at flotilla meetings. In order to spur the completion rate, we started game days or marathon training where members join for a one-day program with food and fellowship. We will eventually intensify this press by identifying needs and applying one-on-one mentoring to get this done.

NTRAIN 2016 concentrated upon better relations with Gold by bringing together planners from both sides of our house to communicate needs and assets that better integrate the Auxiliary with the active duty. TCT training that emphasizes communications, situational awareness, safety, and team management updates the annual required program. Our DTRAIN offers Pollution Responder and HAZWOPER "C" School level instruction. NACO is scheduled to join us for our annual Awards banquet at the historic Hickam Officers Club overlooking beautiful Pearl Harbor. 2016 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Plans are underway to specially honor all who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

The Auxiliary seeks to improve our thrust through strategic alliances. National is driving an alignment with community organizations who are similarly focused upon aspects of recreational boating safety. The Power Squadron has programs that track with our initiatives so it is prudent for us to join forces to protect the public. The American Canoe Association has deep experience with kayak and paddleboard. By drawing upon this organization's institutional depth and its resources, the Auxiliary prevents duplication and waste in reducing our learning curve as we expand into this vastly popular sporting area.

Backfill and augmentation continue to be important opportunities for the Auxiliary to serve the United States Coast Guard in its expansive operational set of missions. As the OPTEMPO increases, these opportunities widen and each completion builds the relationship between Gold and Silver brick by brick. The satisfaction of our membership increases exponentially with each successful contact. The quid pro quo is competent Auxiliary support that builds a strong foundation of mutual respect. This is part of the aura of the Auxiliary and the draw for our patriotic shipmates. Our District looks forward to another robust year of training and operations.  We are ever mindful of safety as we embark upon each mission. The Coast Guard and the Auxiliary are approaching a historic milestone in safety statistics with a five-year low in the number of recreational boating related deaths. We will never know exactly how many deaths our work has prevented. However, there is no doubt that we can celebrate when our lifesaving dedication is measured by fewer tragedies. We pray each time our members set upon a mission that they be protected by the hand of God and blessed with fair winds and following seas.

Semper Paratus,

Gary W. Frank Gumataotao
District Commodore