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Cape Disappointment

 Cape Disappointment in 2005

     Serving as a proud Flotilla of the Sixth Division of the Thirteenth District since its formation in 1999, the volunteers are proud to be a part of TEAM COAST GUARD.

     Part of our duties is to be prepared to provide mission support for the U.S. Coast Guard. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was created in 1939 by the U.S. Congress. Our members freely give of themselves as they take on specialty training to prepare them for all types of support duties. We are known as America’s Volunteer Lifesavers for good reason…we save lives!

     Our job is to be part of something bigger than we may have ever been a part of before. We get out there and obligate ourselves to protect the nation’s waterways, not by law enforcement but by teaching safe boating practices that can be applied to every boating outing. Safety First is something members often talk about when coming across boaters in marinas or at the local boat launch.

     Our members strive to carry out the commitments they take an obligation to serve and support. As a united team, Flotilla members can accomplish unbelievable feats and nothing should stop their progress. We want to develop relationships within our communities and let people know we are paying attention to them. We prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally from the time we enter into the Flotilla. Our Team Coordination Training (TCT) can and has saved lives. We are a proud organization of distinguished volunteers with the ultimate goal that all boaters will “Boat Responsibly”.

     So, how does the U. S. Coast Guard do so much with so little? The answer is people.

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