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Welcome to the Port Townsend Coast Guard Auxiliary page for flotilla 47. We are excited that you are virtually visiting us. 

 Point Wilson Lighthouse
 Coast Guard Boat and Helicopter

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 We are currently located at the Point Wilson Lighthouse situated at the northern point of Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, Washington.

Meetings occur monthly on the Second Saturday at 1000. We invite you to attend our meetings and events and hopefully become part of our outstanding family of dedicated volunteers.

Interested in knowing more? Here is the lowdown about the Coast Guard Auxiliary:

What is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary?
The Auxiliary is a volunteer service organization, composed of men and women who actively support maritime safety and security missions, as well as providing administrative and support services. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939, and is currently expanding its role within Coast Guard Forces. The Auxiliary is authorized to perform all missions that Congress has authorized the Coast Guard to perform, with the exception of direct law enforcement and military action.

How do I join and Who do I talk to?

A prospective member needs to meet these requirements:

Members must be U.S. Citizens, at least 17 years old, and be able to pass a basic background check.

Talk to someone who's in the Coast Guard Auxiliary here in Port Townsend.

It's best to talk to the people who know how to get you through the process:

Harry Dudley - Phone (360) 385-1368  or


What can you expect from the Auxiliary?
For one - Training! Many training courses are provided at no cost to members of the Auxiliary. These courses add to members’ skills and knowledge, as well as prepare them to actively support Auxiliary programs and activities. You will have the opportunity for personal growth by learning new skills and participating in many different activities to promote boating safety and assist the Coast Guard in other mission areas. You will also enjoy being part of a team that simultaneously serves your local community and your country. Auxiliary activities and missions provide a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from learning new skills and helping others.

Every member can participate
Wherever your interests lie, and whatever life skills you bring to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, chances are you can find an area to participate in that will enrich your life. As an Auxiliarist you can participate in one or more programs including, but not limited to:
1. Patrols
2. Chart updating
3. Training
4. Recruiting
5. Admin. support
6. Public affairs
7. Public education
8. Vessel safety programs
9. Environmental protection
10. Search and rescue
The flotilla is the Auxiliary’s basic unit. Every Auxiliarist is a flotilla member and attends flotilla meetings. The flotilla offers an opportunity for members to take on leadership roles, and to serve in various staff officer positions. 

Membership begins with the New Member training program. This program explains the Auxiliary and its functions, and assists you in getting started. You will be enrolled as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, which entitles you to many training opportunities for qualifications, as in:

  • Vessel examiner
  • Air and surface operations
  • Search and rescue
  • Maine safety and environmental protection
  • Aids to navigation verifier
  • Auxiliary leadership and administration
  • Radio watchstanding
  • Instructor
  • Chart updating

If you desire to participate in any of these activities, you first undergo classroom training, and then receive on-the-job qualification in the specific program. This is designed to ensure both proficiency and safety. Ample opportunity to participate in the qualification training is provided by Auxiliary trainers throughout each year.
If you want to assist the Coast Guard and Auxiliary in operational programs, you may offer your facility (boat, plane, or radio) for use as an operational facility. Operational Facility owners and others wishing to participate in the operations program complete training programs similar to the active duty Coast Guard.