Free Vessel Safety Check

Yes boaters, some things are still free!
(Or almost, as it will require a little bit of your time.)
We are talking about a “free” United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check.  The primary reason to have your boat (of any size—even paddle craft!) inspected is to save lives, and for you to enjoy safer boating.

Yes, the Vessel Safety Check is absolutely free to the boat owner, and it can be performed with the boat in the water at your slip, or on your boat trailer at the marina, or in your driveway at home.  And if, for some reason, the boat doesn’t pass the first time, we will re-check it a second (or third) time for free.  The safety check is a courtesy, and not a law enforcement issue.

How can you beat that? When you are awarded a safety check Decal, it shows local law enforcement agencies that your vessel met all federal and state regulations at the time the safety check was performed.  This also may speed up a future check of your boat by the United States Coast Guard, or local sheriff, when you show them your current decal, and a copy of the completed paperwork.
How to get started?  Prior to asking for a safety check, you asthe boat owner can go online to the website Virtual Safety Check and do a “virtual” safety exam.  This virtual exam will walk you through the items that will be checked during the actual safety check.   Doing the virtual exam ahead of time will save you time, and prepare you for the actual safety check, allowing you to correct any deficiencies, saving both you and the examiner time.

U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Checks are performed by your neighbors here in Port Ludlow.  Members of the local Flotilla may live next door or down the block.  After you have completed the self-exam, you can request that one of our examiners perform an actual Vessel Safety Check by going to the " I Want a VSC" page at and enter your ZIP Code to contact an examiner near you.

Or you can call (360) 765-0047, or (360) 437-9100 leave a message and ask to schedule a safety check.



Vessel Safety Check

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Vessel Safety Check