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2015 Currently Scheduled Member Training

Team Coordination Training 1-hour Training

When            Wed, February 11, 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Where           Fire Station Port Ludlow 
Description    FSO mtg 6-7pm; Membership meeting 7-8pm; 8-9pm Mandatory 1 hour TCT meeting for those members that wish to participate in Operations for 2015

Team Coordination Training 4-hour Training 

When          Sat, January 31, 8:30am – 1:00pm

Where         Pt Wilson Lighthouse, Port Townsend

Description  Contact Jim Zard (Div-4/F-47) at or (360)301-1041 to enquire                           or to reserve a seat


2014 Training Accomplished:  

Team Coordination Training (TCT) - 1 hour, was held 12 February 2014 at 1900 (7 p.m.) at Flotilla 41 Monthly Member's Meeting at Port Ludlow Fire Station, Oak Bay Rd 

 Boat Crew Academy

Flotilla 47 sponsored a Boat Crew Academy beginning in February. The classes took place at the Port Townsend lighthouse at Point Wilson.  The classroom portion of this academy consisted of six consecutive weeks that began on February 22nd. Typically, classes ran for four hours beginning at noon. Contact VFC Sonya Quitslund at or Jim Zard at

Download Synopsis of Academy schedule: /Uploads_wowII/130-04-01/Crew_Academy_2014.pdf

Division 4 2014 VSC Workshop Conducted 05 Apr at PL Fire Station by Jim Zard 

Division 4 Cox & Crew Qualification Examination Session - April 19, 2014 Contact VFC Sonya Quitslund or Jim Zard 

TCT (RMTT) Classroom 
8-HR TCT (RMTT) Class 14 Dec 2011