What to Wear: Uniform Policy

Wondering what to wear?

The following is the Division 2 Standard for all public events (boat shows, PA booths, etc.) unless a specific change is authorized in advance by the Division Commander (DCDR):

Tropical BlueAll public affairs events, including the Alki Lighthouse, boat shows, boating safety appearances.
Service Dress BlueFor appearances where the appropriate civilian dress is coat and tie.
Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)May be worn in circumstances where significant physical or operational activity is expected.
VE Polo shirtsOnly authorized as an optional shirt for use during vessel examinations in accordance with AUXMAN 10.A.2.
Auxiliary Operations Polo Shirt Only authorized for patrol activities in accordance with AUXMAN 10.E.4.

It is the policy of the Division to always include the call for the proper uniform in any event announcement when requesting member participation.

The intent of this procedure is to always have a uniform appearance -- all members should be in the same uniform at any given event. This is especially critical when the public is involved.

The DCDR may grant, at his or her discretion, an exception to this standard based on a specific case. For example, where a member is staffing a PA booth and also performing other physical activities such as working with children and the simulators or conducting Vessel Exams.

The member in charge of a given event (usually the SO-PA or a Flotilla Commander) will issue a uniform call when publicizing an event.