2013 Seattle Seafair

2013 Seafair

Aug 2013 -- The annual Seafair festival begins when the pirates land the first week of July and ends with the Patriots Jet Team flying over Lake Washington in a spectacular display of aeronautics.

Auxiliarists assisted Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol with the big task of helping keep boaters safe on Lake Washington during Seafair. Four Facilities (2 from Division 2, and 1 each from Divisions 1 and 3) supported the event. Auxiliarists came from all four Divisions in the Northern Area of District 13 (4 from Division 1, 16 from Division 2 and one each from Divisions 3 and 4). Our patrols were mostly uneventful -- routine talking with boaters who may or may not have understood the security zones, reminders about wakes, and other comments. Members who've assisted with previous Sea Fairs agreed this was a much calmer event.

Sadly, there was a boating fatality when a boater fell off his boat, hit his head and slipped under the water. Police said alcohol may have played a role in the accident, which took place less than a mile from the Seafair hydro race course.

According to Coast Guard statistics, not wearing a life jacket and alcohol are involved the greatest percentage of fatalities.