2017 Seattle Boat Show

2017 Seattle Boat Show

At the 2015 Boat Show we made over 1.400 contacts with the boating public, which resulted in several hundred "interest cards" for PE classes, Vessel Exams, or interest in the Auxiliary. All were sent to the closest Flotilla for followup, with the closest Flotillas ranging all along the West Coast from Morro Bay, California to Blaine, Washington.  

In 2017 we will be back with a stand alone booth with an emphasis on Paddle Craft like kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes..  The same rules as before - Tropical Blue Uniforms only (no Winter Dress Blue, SDB, or ODU!).  Parking may be available at the base (its a short walk) or use public transportation.  Admission details will be sent to those who sign up. 

Sign up at this external site and we'll see you at the Boat Show.   Meanwhile enjoy some pictures from the 2014 Show. 

Photos taken by Auxiliarists M. Sealfon, M. Kirchner and L. Gunter.