Member Information

 Member Information -  Click on the links on the left hand navigation panel: 

+New Members - what you need to do and what resources are available to you is on this page

+ Form 7029 - On line web-based form to report your miscellaneous hours, mileage, and out of pocket costs.  You can enter information daily and send to your FSO-IS on a monthly basis.

+ Awards - significant awards received by members of Division 2

+ Help Wanted (requires member zone log on) - Jobs open in the Division, District or National 

+ Benefits - local area benefits and beyond

+ Uniforms - information about proper uniforms and acquisition of them 

+ AuxOfficer - (requires member zone log on) link to the Auxiliary member directory 

+ AUXINFO -  A picture of the master database (AUXDATA) showing all activity in the AUXILIARY for the last several years.  With a little practice you can drill down to the level of finding out what was entered for a member (a flotilla, or any other subdivision) for any given activity and any time frame.  Privacy Act protected information is NOT shown in AUXINFO.

+ Forms - access to the various forms we use, including the 7029 web form

+ Manuals - download the manuals you need or are interested in

+ Sortable Manuals - (requires member zone log on) Allows search of manuals by name, number, etc. 

+ RBS News - Items of note for every member interested in Recreational Boating Safety. 

+ Information for VEs - Vessel Examiner resources

+ Computer Services test area -  Who knows whats here?

+ Surface Operations (requires member zone log on) Information and forms for Coxswains and Crew Members involved in surface operations 

+ Seattle Boat Show - information about the Boat Show for watch standers with a direct link to the sign up page.