Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag is a grab bag of uniform and other items that a member is no longer using but that might be useful for another member.  Simple enough.

The Division 2 Lucky Bag will be both actual and virtual -- we'll use the cage in Building 7 on the base for the actual Lucky Bag but if members don't want to bring items there they can send their FC a list and it will be added to the Lucky Bag and anyone wanting that item can contact the member directly via the Auxiliary Directory.

So there are a couple of rules:


  • Donations to the Lucky Bag must be reasonably serviceable current uniform or Personal Protective Equipment items.  All donations will be inventoried (or assigned an inventory number) and posted on the spread sheet.  Give your donations to your FC (or the DCDR).
  • If you want an item that's in the Lucky Bag (and will give it a good home) contact your Flotilla Commander who will make arrangements to get it for you (if its in the cage) or you can contact the holder directly if a name is listed.  When items are removed from the inventory -- please notify Garrison Bromwell  so the spread sheet can be updated. 

Click here to get a current copy of the Division 2 Lucky Bag.