Information for Vessel Examiners

Check the V-Department's What's New Page for the latest information from National about Vessel Exams. 

Expired Flare Disposal:  Boaters can now bring up to (10) expired flares to the hazardous waste facilities at the North Seattle, South Seattle, or Factoria transfer stations without charge.

Note: Flares contain perchlorate, a toxic material that is illegal to put in regular garbage, just like batteries or motor oil.

2013 Updates to Washington's Boating Laws are covered in this MARINE LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLETIN.  All Vessel Examiners, Program Visitors, and anyone involved in reaching out to the boating public should read and be familiar with these changes.
Questions About the 7038 Form? -  Here is a page of tips and hints on completing the 7038 Form when doing Vessel Exams - it also answers questions like "can a trainee do a mentored VE on a Paddlecraft for one of his or her required 5 exams?

Vessel Exam Poster  --- The DCDR has modified a standard Vessel Exam poster to be a fillable Adobe file so you can just fill in the blanks to create a poster for an exam day at a boat ramp, a Marina, or even the parking lot of the local boat store.  Its too big for the WOWII website but you can email the Division Commander and request a copy.

Becoming a Vessel Examiner  ---- The process of becoming a Vessel Examiner is first download the Vessel Exam Manual and then take the on line open book Vessel Exam course.  If available (check the member training page) take a Vessel Exam workshop or a new examiner course.  Then complete at least 5 mentored exam unter the guidance of one or more currently certified examiners.  Finally have your mentor complete the VE Certification Form which is sent to the DSO-VE. 

Online Vessel Safety Check Request Form --- Seattle area boaters can now use the Division 2 VSC request form to request a VSC on either a scheduled Vessel Safety Check Day or another day/location.

Vessel Examiners

  • Use the VE VSC form or contact the SO-CS to add your date to the public form.
  • Contact the SO-MA or the SO-VE to get hands-free pumpout kit adapters you can give to boaters.