Ideas and Best Practices for MT Time at a Flotilla

Ideas and best practices for Flotilla Member Training moments.....

A job aid for the Flotilla Member Training Officer (or FC or VFC) 

We can all borrow ideas and best practices from other units.  Below is a listing of what other Flotillas or Divisions have done for member training moments.  Look them over and steal (borrow) whatever ideas you might for your own Flotilla meeting.  Be sure to report what your own Flotilla does for member training (on your Easy Report which is to be done by the 20th of each month). If you have questions about a particular training moment contact the FSO-MT of the unit (use AUXDIRECTORY to look up their Email address or phone number) 

The SO-MT of Division 2 will post updates to this page on a regular basis so check back often to see what the new ideas are.  In some cases there will be training aids available - because of file limitations of the WOW II web system in most cases your'll need to contact the SO-MT 02 for those resources.

A suggestion for FSO MTs

Why not ask your members what they want for member training?  You can set up a survey monkey (an off-site survey system that is free for simple surveys) or do what the FSO-MT of Flotilla 22 (John Warner)  simply wrote an Email to all of his members asking what they wanted for Member Training over the next year.  He made a series of suggested topics and asked the members if they wanted to add to the list.  

How To Guides...
Thanks to DCOS (e)  David Larkin for these handy how to guides --- use them as part of training at a flotilla meeting, give them to new members one at a time to get them started on the right course, or just keep them for reference:

  • How to use AuxOfficer (also known as AuxDirectory) - the one stop way to find information about members, officers, and qualifications.
  • How to report your miscellaneous hours using the on-line 7029 web form
  • How to enter your staff or elected officer reports using the District 13 Easy Report system (contact SO-MT 02 or DCDR 04 for this file - its too large for the WOWII system).
Earthquake (and other disaster) preparedness - This spring will see a major exercise to test the region's ability to react to a natural or man-made disaster.  Both Flotilla 22 and Flotilla 24 have already used some of their member training time to cover this eventuality and to give the members a hint or two on how to be ready.  The Bellevue Fire Department has prepared a good brochure on being ready - its too big for this web site but send the SO-CS of Division 2 an Email and it will be sent to you (use Auxdirectory for his Email address) .  And, although the emphasis is always on an earthquake how about other possibilities - Mt. Rainier or Mt. Baker blowing their respective stacks with resultant mud flows chocking the area or a massive and prolonged power outage?  As the Boy Scouts motto says "be prepared".

Proper Use of Government (Penalty) Postage - Division 3 did a short presentation on how to stay out of the federal slammer by properly using government postage when appropriate.  Contact the SO-MT for the powerpoint used in this presentation (about 15 minutes in length).

Invite DIRAUX office staff to your Flotilla Meeting - Flotilla 22 invited Charles Claytor for a Q/A session at their Flotilla meeting.  Mr. Claytor, CWO Wall, OTO/Assistant Diraux, and even the Director may be available for your meeting.  Send a request through the Chain of Leadership and Management if you'd like to do the same.

Staff Officer Training - Video - Division 2 will show this at the Staff Officer Training time during the annual planning meeting.  (Go to the Member Training Sign Up genius to get additional information and to sign up for the training).   The video itself, which takes about 30 minutes, allowing for some discussion time is available here.

Staff Officer Training - String Game - The SO-MT 02 conducts a string game to drive home the point that the staff must work together, that each activity actually touches many of the staff functions and that it become a literal web.  Contact the SO-MT 02 who can either do this at your Flotilla meeting or give you the resources to do it yourself.  Takes about 30 minutes.

Check the National Web Site - The Training Department's web site has a series of courses that can be utilized with a little preparation.  One really good treasury of possible training courses can be found in the NACON presentations which are accessible through the Training Department. 

Quiz Game based on Auxiliary Manual - Flotilla 76 came up with a quiz game using basic resources that all members should be aware of - New Member Handbook, New Member PQS and the Auxiliary Manual should all be references.  (Idea gleaned from Easy Reports)

Diversity Training - Flotilla 53 conducted Diversity Training in their Flotilla Meeting as reported in Easy Reports.  The Diversity Department website has a very comprehensive resource page that could be mined for a lot of good training ideas. Also the 2016 NACON presentation on Diversity - available through the national training site can be put on in 30 to 45 minutes and offers a good starting point for a Diversity discussion.

Ice Breakers - Current Status - Flotilla 21 FSO-NS built and gave an informative presentation to the Tacoma Power Squadron about the history and current status of the Coast Guards heavy ice breakers.  The presentation took about 30 minutes.  Contact the SO-MT or FSO-NS 21 for additional information. 

Cold Water Survival - Flotilla 22 used 2 meeting nights to watch the Cold Water Boot Camp video that was sent out about two years ago by the OTO.  This is an excellent review of what PPE is necessary and what to do when the unthinkable happens.  While especially interesting to operational members it has value for all.  The Cold Water Survival web site has links to material for courses aimed at both first responders (those of us in operations) and educators (those of us teaching PE classes).  The off site web site is here.

Deck Plate Leadership Series - The National Member Training Department suggests that the Deckplate Leadership program series be used each quarter at one flotilla meeting.  Each chapter is about 30 minutes and it provides an easy to use subject for Member Training for all Flotillas. The series which can be loaded on a thumb drive if your flotilla meeting location doesn't have internet access is available on the National web site.

Easy Reports- Who, When, Why and How of Easy Reports in a 30 minute presentation for all appointed and elected officers with illustrations on how to actually do an Easy Report are in this presentation by SO-MT 02.   Presented at Division 2's January Division meeting.  Contact the SO-MT 02 via AuxDirectory for a copy of the slide deck.

King County Sheriff's Marine Patrol visited Flotilla 24 with a presentation about the unit and a tour of their largest patrol boat.  Invite your local marine unit or others from your local police department -- good ideas and an opportunity to connect with potential partners.

How about some fun - At their recent Flotilla picnic FSO-MT of 24 set up a game based on Sound Signals in the Navigation Rules - variants of this idea could be set up easily and quickly - how about a trivia contest about Coast Guard trivia -- such as "What's the Name of the sports team of the Coast Guard Academy" (Answer --- and this was in contest held in the Bear Room at Pier 36 -- was BEARS).  If you have other ideas please sent them to the SO-CS of Division 2 so they can get on this web site.

Updated 30 Oct 2016