Tools to assist with management of the Flotilla

The Flotilla Health GAR Form is a quick and easy way to start a conversation along the lines of "how is my Flotilla doing?"  The FC could ask all of the members to complete the form and then review the answers with what the FC thinks - might be an eye opener!  You can access the Flotilla GAR Form here.

The March 2014 Leadership Training at the District Conference in Lincoln City had references to several web sites and other information.  In no random order they were:

  •  7029 Reporting Form for your hours - is available through the header on any WOWII web site.  Go to "Aux Members" and then click on the fly out "7029 Web Form".  You can also click on this direct link.
  • The Coast Guard Leadership Competencies are available from this site.  These are 28 leadership values that the Coast Guard believes are important for all leaders to have.
  • The definition of Leadership as being "the ability to guide, direct, or influence people" came from the built in dictionary in MS Word.  If its good enough for Microsoft its good enough for me.
  • All leaders and facilitators should have a copy of the Coast Guard's Performance Improvement Guide, better known as the PIG.   Hard copies may be floating around and the current version can be downloaded here.
  • Division 2's What's Happening Web page gives a 3 month look ahead for the Division's activities.  While the same information mostly this page also included protected (non-public) information that only appears if you sign in with your member ID. 
  • Facebook is just one of several social media sites.  Click on this link to go to Division 2's Facebook page.
  • Monthly reports are required of all officers - staff and elected.  The standard D13 report can be downloaded here.  However there is a better way for Flotilla elected officers to report - go to your own Flotilla web site and look for "reports" on the left hand navigation bar.  If you log into the web site you'll then see a list of all of your offices - click on one of them and fill out the report for that office.  When you hit send its automatically fired off to the proper people (for example FSO-IS's report goes to the SO-IS, the FC, and the VFC).  
  • Discipline in the Auxiliary is a subject fraught with potholes and minefields.  The DSO-LP and staff have prepared a very detailed information page on the subject.  It is located on the web site and can be accessed here if you are logged in and are a currently serving elected officer.
  • Powerpoint Deck used by the DCDR at the 2014 Spring Training Conference in Lincoln City is available by sending him an Email and requesting it.