WOW Editor Button Reference

Use this table to see what WOW editor options you can use and where find them on the toolbar.

If you've used Help, you may have noticed options you can't find on your toolbar. You're right! Our version of the CuteEditor doesn't display buttons for features such as spell check, special characters, etc.

Note: Form and table editing options are visible only if you click the form checkbox when you create a new announcement.

**click table headings to sort columns
Icon Button Type Description
01 Css Class
format Changes the CSS class of the selected text
02 Normal list
format paragraph drop-down changes the paragraph style of the selected text
03Code Cleaner button  Code Cleaner action, all clean up all "garbage" HTML-tags: can remove all tag
04Cut button  Cut edit cut the selected text
05Copy button  Copy edit copy the current selection to the clipboard, making it pasteable
06Paste button  Paste edit insert content from the clipboard into the editor at the selected position
07Undo button  Undo action undo the last operation in the editor
08Redo button  Redo action redo the last operation in the editor
09Break button  Break format line insert the line break
10Paragraph button  Paragraph format line insert a paragraph
11Insert Image button  Insert Image media insert an image at the selected position in the editor and let you set its properties
12Insert Flash button  Insert Flash media insert a flash animation at the selected position and let you set its properties
13Insert Media button  Insert Media media insert a windows media object at the selected position and let you set its properties
14Insert Document button  Insert Document media insert a link to a document on the server (PDF,DOC, ZIP,etc.) at the selected position
15Help button  Help action display help for a toolbar button
16Bold button  Bold format bold the selected text
17Italicize button  Italicize format italicize the selected text
18Underline button  Underline format underline the selected text
19Left Justify button  Left Justify format align the selected content to the left
20Center button  Center format center the selected content
21Right Justify button  Right Justify format align the selected content to the right
22Remove Format button Remove Format format remove format of the selected text
23Ordered List button  Ordered List format insert an ordered (numbered) list
24Unordered List button  Unordered List format insert an unordered (bulleted) list
25Indent button  Indent format indent the selected content
26Outdent button  Outdent format outdent the selected content
27Insert Rule button  Insert Rule format insert a horizontal rule at the selected position
28Insert Link button  Insert Link action, link add a hyperlink to the selected content
29Remove Link button  Remove Link action, link remove a hyperlink from the selected content
30Insert Anchor button  Insert Anchor action, link add an anchor to the text on your page
31Visible Borders button  Visible Borders tables, format make table borders visible, which can make editing easier
32Select All button  Select All action select all content
33Select None button  Select None action unselect all content
34 New Document action removes all content in the editor area
35Preview button  Preview action, all opens a new small window showing the current page
36Find button  Find and Replace action find and replace text in the editor's content area
Fit to Window format make your content easier to read by increasing your editing window: fit content in Normal view or code in HTML view to the size of your window
38Insert Layer button  Insert Layer format allows you to insert a layer (absolutely-positioned div)
39Box Formatting button  Box Formatting tables, format box formatting
40Insert Table button  Insert Table
table insert a table
41Form button  Form forms insert a form at the selected position
42Text Area button  Text Area forms, text insert a textarea at the selected position
43Input Textbox button  Text Box forms, text insert an input text box at the selected position
44Hidden Field button  Hidden Field forms, field insert a hidden field at the selected position
45Password Field button  Password Field forms, field insert a password field at the selected position
46Listbox button  ListBox forms, selection insert a listbox at the selected position
47Dropdown Box button  Dropdown Box forms, selection insert a dropdown box at the selected position
48Radio Button button  Radio Button forms, selection insert a radio button at the selected position
49Checkbox button  Checkbox forms, selection insert a checkbox at the selected position
50Submit Button button  Submit Button forms, button insert a submit button at the selected position
51Reset Button button  Reset Button forms, button insert a reset (aka clear form) button at the selected position
52Input Button button  Input Button forms, button insert a input button at the selected position
53Insert Table button  Insert Table
tables insert a table
54Insert Rows button  Insert Rows tables, row insert a row above the selected row
55Insert Row Below button  Insert Row Below tables, row insert a row below the selected row
56Delete Rows button  Delete Rows tables, row delete the selected row
57Insert Columns to the Left button  Insert Column to the Left tables, column insert a column to the left of the selected cell
             Column to the Right button  Insert Column to the Right tables, column insert a column to the right of the selected cell
59Delete Columns button  Delete Columns tables, column delete the selected column
60Insert Cells button  Insert Cells tables, cell insert cells into the selected row
61Delete Cells button  Delete Cells tables, cell delete the selected cell
62Row Properties button  Row Properties tables, row edit row properties
63Cell Properties button  Cell Properties tables, cell edit cell properties
64Merge Right button  Merge Right tables, cell merge the current cell with the one to its right
65Horizontal Split button  Horizontal Split tables, cell split a cell into columns
66Vertical Split button  Vertical Split tables split a cell into rows
70Save button  Save action, HTML view save the active content in the editor's content area
71Print button  Print action, HTML view print the current page