AUXCOM/TCO are the fall 2013 offerings of the Division 2 Training Program.

AUXCOM - the Auxiliary Operations Specialty Course in Communications will be a classroom course on Thursday nights from 1700 to 1900 in the Bear Room beginning on 12 September.  Students should download the course syllabus and review the course material prior to the first class.  Note -- students who sign up ahead of time for the class (see the signup form, below) will be provided with a written copy of the Student Handbook, if desired. This course will be team taught by members with a great deal of Communication experience. 

Note to prospective students -- Please carefully read the student expectation portion of the Syllabus.  Instructors will hold students to these expectations -- in other words if you do not study the material ahead of the class you may be asked to leave. 

TCO - Telecommunications Operator is a mentored PQS similar to the Boat Crew program required for radio operators in the Auxiliary.  At this time, Division 2 has one person currently qualified as a TCO so mentoring arrangements will be made directly by her with members interested in the Qualification.  Members who currently have AUXCOM (or complete the AUXCOM class) will be given preference for TCO mentoring. The TCO guide can be downloaded from the National Communications Department web site. 

Sign up --- Sign up by sending the DCDR an email about your interest in either AUXCOM or TCO (or both) .